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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Letter of Thanks from a Grateful Mom

Here's the email that I sent my daughter's Special Education teacher this morning:

Good morning,
I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how much our family appreciates you. Both my husband and I know what it takes to be an excellent teacher since I have extensive experience and he is currently teaching. 
Our daughter has been bumped around quite a few schools. She's had some bad teachers, some good teachers, but only two who I would consider fantastic. You are one of those two. 
I know that special needs parents can be quite demanding. Even so, you always make time to listen and hear us out. That says a lot about your commitment to your students. 
As you teach you will come across some amazing people: parents, teachers and administrators. You will also see some who are less than stellar. The school you're at  \has a  wonderful staff led by fabulous director. Learn from her. I can tell she has a lot of wisdom to impart. When you come across those who make you question what you do and if you are doing enough, remember that you are and that you are amazing. 
Education has a lot of ebbs and flows. Right now is a tough time to be a teacher. Stay strong. Be confident in your talents and love for your students. You are doing such an important work. You are pouring your life into our nation's future. Some of the students you teach have been tossed aside by others before you. You will pick them up and give them hope again. 
Thanks again for being my daughter's teacher. We are blessed. 



As you can see we're pretty happy and know how this teacher is pretty special. Let's salute and applaud all of the amazing Special Ed teachers out there.