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Monday, February 8, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories-- Episode 11- A Cake and a Heart

I can say this I may have a daughter who makes poor choices at times but she is remorseful and wants to make amends with me. On Friday night she decides to make me a cake to make me happy. The only problem was that she made it out of a whole roll of toilet paper, lots of water and some sparkling body gel. She was promptly sent to bed while I cleaned up the watery mess. Additionally two of her toys were put on time out for two days. In the morning we had a discussion about this. I let her know that if she wants to make me something, she can ask for a piece of paper to make a card.
Then Saturday night we were sitting in the rocking chair reading books when all of a sudden Princess says "I gotta go do something. I'll be right back." The next thing I know there is whispering amongst Princess and her daddy. I also hear the sounds of cutting going on in our family room. Finally Princess comes out to where I am and hands me this lovely handwritten card. It said To Mom, From Princess, I love you. I almost cried. She said " I'm sorry for all of my poor choices." My response "I forgive you." This is the first card she has made me that I can actually read without her reading it to me. I am so blessed!!
See attached photo.

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 10- The Case of the Missing Purse

So on Friday morning I was getting my things together before I woke up Princess. I could not find my purse anywhere. When I woke Princess up, I let her know what was happening and told her that I was going to the car to see if I accidentally left my purse there. So I put my bathrobe on and braved the cold morning air to search for my purse. Once I returned to the comfort of my warm home I let my little darling know that I my search was fruitless so that meant we would not be getting breakfast on the way to school. (There's this bakery called Panera on the way to Princess's school. Princess really likes their Chocolate Chip Muffies, muffin tops.) Upon hearing this new information (and perhaps coming to her senses) Princess says "Mommy I'll help you look for your purse. You look in the Family Room and I'll look in the Living Room." Seconds later she "finds" my purse behind the rocking chair. I was of course relieved but very angry. I honestly couldn't believe that she let me go to out to the car and only told me where the purse was after I returned. Well thankfully for her only consequence was that she did not get to get her nice breakfast. I was only a few minutes late to work after this latest escapade. So I will be keeping a closer eye on my belongings.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kindergarten Chronicles: Prove It Mrs. L.

I have always tried to make learning fun for my students. I want them to love coming to school. My philosophy is that if kids enjoy school they will want to come ever day. They won't want to miss a day of excitement.
Never has this been more true than this year as I teach Kindergartners. I used this tactic last week as I was teaching numbers 10-20. I employed a simple game using large foam dice and little plastic animals. The students thought I was a magician because I could "guess" how many critters were left in the cup after the amount shown on the dice was removed. I taught them the phrase "Prove it Mrs. L.!" To which I of course was proven correct every time. I did teach them my little secret and had them try for themselves to see if they could "guess" accurately.
Fast forward to this week. I introduced the words for numbers 10-20. In the midst of our game, one little towheaded youngster says. "Mrs. L. do you know how to spell five?" My response was of course in the affirmative. To which he called out "Prove it Mrs. L." I almost busted a gut laughing. You see this week we had not used the phrase at all but somehow it had stuck with this little fellow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories--Episode 9

My Little Dancer- New

When I titled my blog "Raising a Drama Queen", I thought that term best suited my situation perfectly. You see my daughter loves to create drama in our home both with her misbehavior ( See my previous posts.) and her creativity. I think she loves to see me squirm when she disobeys but she also likes to be a little performer. She likes to put on shows for my husband and I on a regular basis. She will put a CD in the boom box and act out the songs on it. Sometimes she comes up with her own moves. Other times she uses moves that she has either seen in a movie or in her dance class. I kid you not sometimes these shows can last upwards of 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours!! One time she set the coffee table in the living room complete with cups, plates and silverware. She then proceeded to put on a dinner show for her father and I.
Quite often these shows include multiple costume changes. For her Disney Classics CD she was Ariel one minute, Minnie Mouse the next and I believe even dressed up as Jesse from Toy Story.
I'm not sure where she saw it but she wants to learn how to do a cartwheel. I was never in gymnastics or cheer so I am no help but then again neither is my husband. He did go so far as to research on YouTube how to do a cartwheel. As a result Princess can now get in position to do a cartwheel but has not progressed in her form. So if you know of anyone who can teach my child how to do a cartwheel, please contact me.

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 8

First Published January 2010
"My Daughter Ran Away, Got Married and Kissed a Boy Last Weekend- Did I Mention That She's Only 5!"

I don't know if I could write a title that long but I thought I'd try anyways.

So my very precocious 5 year old tells me on Saturday night that she wants to leave our home because her father and I don't love her. All this because we wouldn't let her stay up longer to watch more of a movie she had already seen at least ten times. After her proclamation, I told her that that was fine with me. Then I proceeded to open the door that leads from our kitchen to our garage. On her way out she asks " Is it raining?" I informed her that it wasn't and wished her well. Then I spied on her as she walked around to the front door and rang the bell. When my husband and I opened the door, she tearfully said "I thought you didn't love me." I let her know that yes we did indeed love her and asked her if she was ready get dressed for bed. She answered in the affirmative. The rest of our bedtime ritual went very smoothly.

The next day being Sunday I took my little darling to church. When I left her in the care of her Sunday School teachers, I had no way of knowing she would be married when I picked her up.
Well that's just what happened. When I got to her classroom, I was made aware that she and a very dapper older man had indeed gotten married and kissed on the lips to seal the deal. I will say that my daughter has good taste. This six year old boy was wearing a suit and a top hat. (Hey I just report the facts. I don't make these things up.) According to the gentleman's mother he likes to dress up and wear suits on a regular occasion.

So as we left church I let the little bride know that she is not allowed to kiss another boy, no matter how cute and dashing he is, until she graduates from college. I can dream a little can't I?

By the way tonight I asked my big kid why she rang the door bell. She told me that she wanted to get some clothes for her trip but then decided to come inside. My inquisitive side got the best of me so I asked her where she was going and how she would get there. She said she was going to grandma's house and that she would use a map to help her. I rephrased my question and asked her if she was planning on walking to her dear grandmother's house. To which she replied " I was thinking maybe Daddy would go with me." Perhaps she knows that I would not be an accomplice to her scheme.

This kid cracks me up!!!

Drama Queen in Training- Episode 7- Peter Pan's Party

First Published November 2009

So last night while I am resting on the couch trying to forget about my lovely allergies Princess decides it's time to celebrate Peter Pan's birthday. Silly me leaves the family room and Princess for a minute (probably to get another tissue box :) ) Upon my return I notice that my daughter is trying to put a poster of Hannah Montanna up on our wall. As she climbs up on top of the loveseat's railing she says " I know you don't like this but I'll be done very quick." Lucky for me we both discovered it was a table cloth and not a poster. Next I got out the card table and we trimmed the plastic table cloth the fit the table. Then Princess says "I'll be right back." She returns with every paper plate, napkin, cup and plastic utensil in the house. She then proceeds to set places for about 30 of Peter's closest friends. Yes some of those places included T.V. trays, the coffee table and any other flat surface available. Then the doorbell starts to ring and we are greeted by Princess' guests for the party who of course bring gifts. So Princess finds a spot for all of the gifts. The last guest to arrive was Happy Halloween. Princess decides this is a surprise party and turns off all of the lights in the family room. As we are waiting for Peter I mention to Princess that she should put her Peter Pan costume on (the one from Halloween that was just a few days a go.) When Peter arrives, I turn on the lights and yell "Surprise!" About this time my husband our chef, brings us our dinner. Finally after dinner Peter opens all of his lovely gifts gushing over each one.

I thought this was very imaginative. Luckily for my husband and I only 3 "guests" rang our door bell.
BTW- We have never had a surprise party nor attended one with Princess so I'm not sure where she came up with the idea to turn off all of the lights.

Drama Queen in Training Episode 6- Bedtime Prayers

First Published October 2009

So my daughter has a mean streak in her. I knew it was important for her to learn about the Lord's saving grace at an early age because I know she needs all the help she can get from God.
Case in point: Tonight a prayer time she was feeling particularly feisty because we had had a busy weekend. So after I prayed, it was her turn. Her words (and I swear I do not make these things up) "Dear Jesus, Thanks for all of the bad things you made like snakes and sharks. I pray that my mommy has bad dreams tonight." Yes I disciplined her and made her apologize. I even made her pray that I would forgive her. Then I kissed her good night, turned off the light and went into our family room and quietly busted a gut.

I am praying that God gives her a love for people and not a spirit of getting even when she is angry. Gotta love her creativity.

Kindergarten Chronicles- The Bully & The Bully?

First Published October 2009

(Note: I wrote this a few weeks ago. We have since moved Charlotte to another school where things are going much better.)

So my daughter is having some problems with another child in her class. This child teases her and taunts her. She is also being subjected to some physical abuse. I looked up bullying on the internet and yep we've got it goin' on here.

In contrast I have this student in my class who is supposed to be autistic. I've never had an autistic child before so I wasn't sure what to expect. So I meet said child at our Kindergarten Meet and Greet before school starts. I was pleasantly surprised because I saw no signs of autism. As the school year has progressed I continue to be amazed by this child. This student shows no behavior that is out of normal range. In fact this kid is one of my favorites if I can be so bold to admit that I have a few favorites. This child is friendly and outgoing. The other day I overheard some students asking each other "Will you be my friend?" This child pipes up and says "I think everyone in this class should be friends." Made my day.

So imagine my surprise when this sweetie's mom peeks her head in my room and says, " I got a call today from another mom. She said there's a bully in Kindergarten and it's your child." I almost fell out of my chair. I reassured her that that was not the case in fact the opposite was true. I also thanked her for coming to me with her concern and told her that this was like the old fashioned game of telephone. It was one of those this person told that person who in turn told her.

So there you have it the bully and the bully?.

On a different note (& I may have to take a picture so you can see the visual), we have been learning the letter "S". So I asked the kids to draw two things that start with the "S" sound. Most kids drew something like a sun and soap. One child drew an object that I took one look at and thought "Wow this kid knows a lot! Maybe too much! Maybe he has an older brother who's been teaching him a thing or two." But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked him what he drew. He replied "It's a snake Mrs. Luther." What did I think it was ??? A sperm. I swear it looked just like one of those pictures of a sperm under a microscope. I almost busted a gut trying to conceal my laughter.

Princess Stories Episode 5- Flat Stanley (AKA Kiki) at School

So this morning as I am getting ready to leave, Charlotte and I gave each other hugs and kisses. She had me give a hug and a kiss to her beloved Kiki. Then she says to me "Mom, I want you to take Kiki to school today to show your students." To which I responded, " Are you sure? I won't be home until late this afternoon." Her response "It's O.K. Kiki wants to go with you today" So off Kiki and I went.

At this point in the story I must tell you a little about Kiki. When Charlotte was a baby, she wouldn't take a pacifier and did not suck her thumb but like most small children she was constantly putting everything in her mouth. A good friend of mine who had done childcare in her home suggested that I get some fleece material and cut it into small squares. Then I was to fringe the edges with my scissors. (Picture fringes on moccasins or boots) Well that did the trick. From the first day I gave Charlotte her new blankie, the two were inseparable. It even replaced her old moo cow that she had had since she was really little.

The name Kiki came about because when Charlotte was learning how to talk she could not say Blankie so she called it Kiki.

Like the Veleveteen Rabbit Charlotte treats her Kiki as if it were her best friend. She talks to it. It talks to her. It has gone to preschool, Sunday school, Disneyland, and on our trip on the airplane last summer. Charlotte has told her father and I that Kiki is a girl. If anyone gets hurt, Charlotte will rub Kiki on the owie to make it all better.

Recently Charlotte had misplaced Kiki. We looked everywhere for it but to no avail. Every night Charlotte prayed for her missing Kiki. This went on for about two months. Whenever Charlotte was sad or hurt, she would cry out for Kiki.

Then about two weeks ago. God answered Charlotte's prayer to find Kiki. Charlotte, my friends and I were going to go to Los Angeles. So I packed an old back pack of Charlotte's with coloring books and toys to keep her occupied. We hadn't driven very far when Charlotte decided to check out the contents of her bag. The first zipper she opened was to a small pocket on the front. Instantly we all heard squeals of delight. "My Kiki! My Kiki! I've found my lost Kiki!"

So Charlotte and her Kiki have been reunited once again. She has vowed never to lose "her" again.

So this morning when Charlotte told me that I could take Kiki to school, I felt like I was taking a little piece of Charlotte with me.

I kept Kiki in my pocket all day long. The only time I took "her" out was to show my students. Oh and I did show her to some of my colleagues as well.

I am one loved mommy.

Kindergarten Chronicles- Episode 2

First Published September 2009

Goose Egg on Head & Charlotte's Response
Upon hearing the story about the boy who got a goose egg on his forehead the other day, Charlotte said "Maybe you could take my Kie Kie to school so that the boy could put it on his owie." This is incredible because Charlotte just found her beloved Kie Kie ( AKA blankie ) after it had been lost for about two months.

( On a side note Charlotte treats her Kie Kie as if it were real. It talks. She talks to it. Kie Kie is almost like another member of our family.When anyone is sad or hurt, Kie Kie will make them feel better. )

Question Boy
The other day I was teaching a small group of students, when Abraham walks up to me and says "Teacher, what are you doing?" I replied, "Teaching. What are you doing?" His response "Asking you questions?"

Comparing Brown Bear Brown Bear
This is not humorous just eye opening. Apparently Charlotte's class and the Kindergartners at my school have been doing some of the same extension activities but with just a few differences. In response to "Brown Bear Brown Bear" Charlotte colored one animal a day. She brought home her book the other day and she had nice coloring page for each animal with a typed sentence at the bottom of each page. Our Kindergartners have been asked to draw each animal and copy the sentence off of the board. I'm not sure which approach is more age appropriate but I know my students won't be taking their books home anytime soon.

Kindergarten Chronicles- Episode 1

First Published September 2009

So as you probably know I am teaching Kindergarten for the first time in over 20 years. At the same time Charlotte is embarking on her public school career in Kindergarten at our neighborhood school. So I am starting an occasional series called Kindergarten Chronicles. Let me know what you think.
Adam took Charlotte to her 1st day of school and drop off went well. She drew a picture of her 1st day and wrote her name on the back. She told Adam that she looked on her name tag to see how to write the letters of her name. :)
My day was more hectic. I had students coming and going. I lost 3 students when I told them to follow me to the K play yard which is by my room but not adjacent to it. It is probably 20 feet away. These students followed another class out to the primary playground. Then upon locating lost students it dawns on me that I forgot to tell my students to get their snacks so I had to line them up to get their snacks out of their backpacks. Time remaining for teacher to pee- 1 minute. Then at lunch time some students went home. Some went to daycare. Some bought lunch, and the remaining students were to eat their lunches from home at the picnic tables in the K play yard. One student forgot he was buying, one student forgot he was going to daycare and one did not get picked up. Afternoon went much better ;) No lost children and all got picked up.

9/1/09 & 9/2/09- I am feeling better about my class and I guess Charlotte is feeling better about her class too because she had timeouts on both days. And people ask me why Charlotte isn't at my school.

As we are returning from recess one of my boys says " Some girl bumped into me." My reply "OK. Thanks for letting me know." Then I notice what I think is dirt on his forehead. I ask him to come over to me again. It is then that I see a pretty good sized goose egg on his noggin. I asked a parent was dropping off her child to take battered and bruised boy to the office. I hear later that the child was very upset and couldn't even get the words out. I think he had post traumatic stress syndrome because when he told me about the incident he was pretty calm. Suffice to say his dad picked him up and took him home but not before saying good bye to me. How sweet is that?
Later today I'm telling a story to my Kindergartners and I kid you not two students who are sitting side by side are digging for gold. I didn't want to embarrass them by saying "Don't pick your nose in class." So instead I said "Let's all sit Crisscross Applesauce with our hands in our laps." Who knew the reason that teachers tell students to put their hands in their laps is so their fingers stay out of their noses?

Today When I was seated and in the middle of reading a story to the class, a boy comes up to me, taps me on the shoulder and asks if he can get a drink of water. I calmly tell him to sit down and wait for recess because we are in the middle of a story. Said child leaves my side and walks over to the drinking fountain. At this point I raise my voice a little and tell him that if he does get a drink of water he will have a time out. What happened next shouldn't surprise me because I have 5 year old of my own whose favorite saying is "I can do whatever I want to." Well you probably guessed it, he got a drink of water. So I gave him a time out. After about 5 minutes, I ask him if he is ready to join us. His reply "No."

Princess Stories- Episode 4

First Published August 2009

If you had a rough day, may these little snippits make you laugh and brighten your day. If you had a great day, may these vignettes cause you to marvel at God's wonderful creation of children.

Tonight when we were saying prayers, Princess said "God thank you for all of the scary things you made. Thank you for the pirates, sharks, boa constrictors and crocodiles. I hope that a boa constrictor kills me. " This was because she was upset about something. While she was "praying" this, it was all Adam and I could do to keep from laughing.

Said by Princess to Adam " You're not listening to me."' Followed by "Do you smell something? I went poops."

8/22/09 Princess got her Halloween costume a little early. She is Peter Pan. She told me that whenever she is dressed up as Peter Pan that she is really a boy.

"Daddy I love you even though I don't listen to you sometimes. I will never ever listen to the devil again."

Today it was my turn to get pampered by Princess. She did my hair, make up and painted one of my nails. When I asked her to paint the rest, she informed me that she was just practicing and that I should let the nail lady do the rest of my nails. I found it interesting that as Princess applied the polish she was careful to wipe away the excess just like the manicurists do. So when she is squirming around at the nail salon she is really paying attention.
Later on I noticed there was a sign tacked onto Princess' door. Apparently it is a picture of her dad, Grandma and I with an X over it. Princess told us that no one is allowed in her room ever. Makes it difficult to say prayers and give hugs and kisses doesn't it. By the way my knight told me that Princess glued the sign to the door. I asked her about this and was told that she used a glue stick. (Whew! A little easier to remove) So I told Princess that if she wants to put signs up, she can but that next time she should ask for tape.

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 3

First Published July 2009
On Sunday after church Princess wanted to play beauty salon with her dad. She put bows in his hair and gave him a pedicure. She even remembered to get him his flip flops and put paper towels between his toes so as not to ruin his pedicure. I think he got off easy because the only nail polish that Princess could find was very pale, almost translucent, white. After all of that hard work, Princess guest fell asleep in the "massage chair."
"Don't I look pretty?"

I took Princess to Fashion Island in New Port Beach. On the way there my sleepyhead daughter crashed in her booster seat. When we arrived, I let her sleep for an additional 30 minutes. I finally woke her and was greeted by a grumpy child having a melt down because she was cold. Finally she calmed down, suited up for arctic ocean breeze and decided she wanted to go shopping with me. Wiping away her crocodile tears, she informed me " I think a ride on the carousel will cheer me up." By the time we got to the carousel Princess' jacket was off and around her waist. As an added bonus she discovered she is now tall enough to ride the carousel by herself.

The other day we went to the beach with our friends from our adult fellowship at church. We were all basking in the sun and fun until our friends' little girl got stung on the lip by the only bee on the Pacific Coast. Princess heard the terrified screams of the child's mother and wanted to know what had happened. After my husband explained everything, Princess said "I want to pray for her."When she was finished praying, she didn't go back into the waves. She stayed and played with her friend quietly until she was feeling better. It brings tears to my eyes just writing about my compassionate daughter. I was so proud of her.

I will I could take credit for her compassion but much of it was modeled by her wonderful teachers at her Christian preschool. Whenever a child got hurt, they would stop to pray for the "owie" while tending to the child. I also feel it is the Lord working in my daughter to have the intuition to stay by her friend until they could both enjoy the ocean spray.

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 2

Bath time with Princess:
(First Published May 2009)

First of all the water temperature has to be just right. Then there has to be lots of bubbles. Finally there must be at least 6 Barbies and one watering can to play with. Then of course the challenge is getting Princess to keep all of the water in the tub.

So here are 3 bath time vignettes:

1) Recently Princess thought that it would be fun to take a big gulp of bath  water and spit it all in my face. Fun for her until she found herself immediately out of the water. One thing that was kind of funny is that right when Princess took that big gulp of water, I thought to myself "I wonder at what age kids realize that it is pretty gross to drink bath water." When she spit water at me I thought, "Wow! Can she read my mind?"

2) Princess is at the age where she doesn't take too many naps anymore. After swimming in our 60 degree pool, Shivering Princess got out of our pool to take a bath and warm up.
So I usually sit on my bed while Princess takes a bath since the bath tub is in the master bathroom. On this particular day I was reading my book while Princess was bathing. After 2-3 minutes, it got really quiet in the bath tub so I went in to investigate. Princess had fallen asleep face up in the bath tub. I quickly woke her up, had her get out of the bath and got her dried off. Yes lots of people told me that was a dangerous thing. I did not plan on Princess falling asleep in the tub, it just happened.

3) Princess was washing one of her Barbies' hair with her shampoo. I told her to only use the shampoo for herself. Seconds later right before my very eyes Princess put more shampoo onto the same Barbie's hair. So I said, like any mom would, "What did I just say?" To which she replied "Oh well, it's too late now." Suffice it to say that bathtime ended real quickly.

I have figured out that God gave me a headstrong child so that I can be a better teacher. When my students test, me I pause, pray and take a deep breath before acting. So I try the same method with Princess. I look at discipline as a way of showing children that I love them. I want them to know that some day I hope that they will become productive members of society. I pray that Princess will desire to serve God with all of her heart, mind and soul.

Princess Stories- Episode 1: Introducing Princess

First Published in May 2009
I love my daughter fiercely but because of her strong and outgoing personality I always have funny/ interesting stories to tell. My students are always asking me to tell them another "Princess story." So here goes:

First off let me tell you what a day in public with Princess is like. If we see any babies, she has to ask the baby's mommy ( or daddy or grandmother) what the baby's name is, how old they are and if she can touch their head. (Her mommy, me, has determined this is the one place where the least amount of germs will be transferred either from my child to said baby or from baby to my daughter.) Once and only once, Princess asked me "Can we buy one of those? " Princess also adores dogs. She asks dog owners the same questions as she ask baby owners but she usually gets licked. She always says "That's a cute name" or " He's/ She's so adorable." Then there is my daughter's obsession with all things fashionable. She will stop a lady to tell her that she likes their earrings, shoes, purse, blouse, dress etc. If it has bling, she loves it. Then the recipient of Princess' compliment will say thank you and nine times out of ten they will return the favor. So whenever I am out with my cherub in public, I always have to take into account "The Princess Factor." It will take us at bare minimum 15-20 minutes longer to get some place than if I am alone or with my husband. The upside of this is that we have met some really nice people. I just can't be in a hurry to get to my destination.

So here is a recent Princess story:
As you may know I recently took Princess to a Girls' mini vacation, just her and I. We spent the night at a hotel and then spent the day at the Grove in LA. We went to the American Girls Place. We also saw the new "Hannah Montana" movie. That said I thought I packed all of the necessary items for our trip. Well I forgot one very important thing- a hairbrush. I know you are saying to yourself "What's the big deal?" Well I knew I'd be taking lot of photos of our adventure and wanted Princess to look nice. So after we checked out of our hotel and walked over to the Grove, I began "The Great Hairbrush Quest." As I've said previously Princess loves babies, dogs and pretty ladies with bling bling so this outing was no different than any other outing. If anything there were more babies, dogs and bling. After we had walked the entire length of the Grove and didn't find a single hairbrush, our last stop was a famous department store that is known for its customer service. As a last ditch effort I asked a couple of sales clerks, who were working in the almost desolate cosmetics department, if they sold any brushes. One clerk told me that they didn't but that I could go across the street to the local drugstore or to a salon near the entrance of the mall. To which I replied," Well I guess I will do without." To which I was given this RUDE response "Well then you don't want that brush bad enough!" I had to hold my tongue because I could tell she had never experienced an eager inquisitive child like I am blessed to have. It had taken me about 45 minutes to get to their store it would take me about 30 minutes to get to either of the places she was mentioning since I would have to retrace my steps because of the way the Grove is laid out and then I would have had to walk the distance of about 4 blocks to the drugstore. Needless to say their corporate office will be hearing from this dissatisified customer.

Things I Thought I Wouldn't Hear From My 5 Year Old

First Published 8/1/09

When told to get dressed: "No way, no how, I ain't gonna do it and you can't make me!" This was followed by my daughter stomping off. I almost busted a gut laughing. Thankfully my husband was the calm one and did get said child to comply.

"You know why I do that? It's because you do it." When I tried to correct her for saying "Uh huh."

"You're the meanest mom in the whole world!"

"I'm so tired from picking up all these toys! I think I need a break."

Told grandma, "The English like to put milk in their tea."

"I'll do whatever I want to do!"- said on numerous occasions. Not so much anymore because Princess is finding out there are consequences to doing whatever you want to do.

This one maybe not a teenager but definitely not a 5 yr. old -" Mommy where do babies come from?" My response "That's a long story."

After pulling a doll out from under her shirt," Look I had a baby!" She calls this doll her son and takes him everywhere.

BTW- My school psychologist friend said " You know she may be 5 but she's really much older." Ya think?!

Introducing My New Blog

So today I am officially becoming a blogger. I hope to encourage other moms and teachers like me. I am a full time teacher and full time mom to a five year old drama queen. I don't pretend to have it all figured out but hopefully some of my experiences will let others know that they are not alone. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.
By the way today I will be posting some notes that I previously published on Facebook.