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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yes, This Really Happened!!

Hi all,
When I tell people the things that my daughter does and says, I often wonder what they may be thinking.  Are they thinking I make these things up or that it must be rough sometimes? I just try take it all in stride as much as possible. I tell you I never have a boring day with Princess in my life.
What follows are two true stories that happened just yesterday and today.
Story #1:
Yesterday I told Princess to take a shower while I got her dinner ready. I was glad that she didn't give me a hard time because she usually prefers to take baths but I did give her the carrot that after her shower, she could watch TV while she ate dinner. So while I am getting her dinner ready, I hear a little voice calling me to come to the bathroom. I thought maybe she got some shampoo in her eyes but no I was wrong. When I got to the bathroom, she opened the shower door and hands me her sopping wet towel. At that moment I was not a happy camper. I was so upset because it made a huge mess all over the bathroom floor. Later when I had calmed down I asked her why she did that. It turns out that she hates that it takes so long for her privates to dry (esp. her crotch). So she thought that if she covered her privates with a towel then she could avoid this problem. We talked about how she could have used a wash cloth instead if she wanted to experiment, to fix her problem. I also told her the importance of washing down there. Once she told me why she had brought the towel in the shower, I relaxed a bit but I still had her clean up the water on the floor.
Story #2:
Princess’s sleep cycle is somewhat mixed up because of of meds. She has been taking naps after school. Then she still goes to bed on time but has been waking up around 5:00 in the morning. This morning she came into my room at 5:00 a.m. to tell me she couldn't find the dog. I told her to go back to bed because I was sure the dog was still in the house. Then when I went to go wake her up around 7:00, I noticed that her PJ's were on the floor. I told her that I wasn't upset if she didn't have any clothes on but that she needed to get up and get dressed. I ended up having to pull her covers off of her to get her to get out of bed. Lo and behold she was fully clothed (including shoes) and ready for the day. She also informed me that she had already brushed her hair and teeth. I'm glad to know that she was using her time awake so wisely. This is so not like my daughter. She usually waits until the last minute to get dressed.
Wanna know where the dog was? She was asleep on my husband's and my's bed but her coloring blended in with the comforter. Too funny.
By the way- Today I am going to try to keep Princess awake without a nap. Wish me luck. :).

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