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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dennis the Menace on Steroids

Hi all,
Things have been pretty hectic around here to say the least.  Now that Summer is here I was going to try to blog once a week or once every other week. I guess that's not going to happen.
In the midst of our mayhem and chaos I have found something to laugh about. I am calling these last few days Living With Dennis the Menace on Steroids.
In the late 50's there was a TV show called "Dennis the Menace." On it a tow headed boy in a striped shirt and overalls was constantly doing something that caused his parents and his next door neighbor, Mr. Wilson, grief.
Since about Friday I have noticed that Princess has been doing things that are mischievous to say the least. My husband and I have taken to watching her like a hawk. At least one of us tries to be in the room with her at all times because we never know what might happen next. It's kind of like having a three or four year old.
Princess has always found her fair share of mischief but lately this has increased even more.
Here are a few examples in just these last two days. She got my biscotti jar that was full of change, out of the laundry area and dumped the contents on the living room floor. Mind you that jar weighed a good 10-15 pounds. She carried it about 50-100 feet without any assistance. A few minutes later she got a bag of Happy Meal toys out of the garage, emptied the contents on the family room floor and promptly began opening the little bags the toys came in. What she didn't know was that I was saving those to sell on Ebay some day. Most, if not all, were complete sets and could potentially fetch some nice pocket change. Not now they won't.  Before Princess and my husband went swimming, she put some Crazy Glue on the cement near the pool area. My husband promptly stepped on it. Which led to us  Googling how to remove Crazy Glue from skin. Later that same day, Princess left the Flubber/ Slime that we had made sitting on top of a piece of paper. Of course it had to be peeled off of the paper. Fortunately for us, the paper was replaceable. Today Princess made a disaster out of the family room while I was at Walmart. My husband said that she had a very nice set up in that room but when he went back to check on her, a few minutes later he came upon a very different scene. It literally looked like a tornado had blown in. Shortly after addressing this and while I was putting away groceries, Princess called for me to get my camera because she wanted me to take a picture of what she had done. She thought it would be funny to put her foot in the Fubber/ Slime that we had made yesterday. I guess I can be glad that: 1) The slime cleans up nicely and 2) That she didn't put on any of my American Girl dolls that I had allowed her to play with earlier. Yikes! The final thing my little angel did was to pull the little hair on one of my toes while I was standing in the pool. Her response: "Well I was just trying to make you look beautiful."
You are probably wondering why the change. The only thing I can think of is that, for reasons beyond my control, we had to stop her ADHD med and try a new one. This med has been one of her constants for almost three years now but the powers that be decided that we should try something else instead. Well after being on the new med for only four days Princess's doctor, my husband and I are all in agreement that she needs to go back to the previous med ASAP!!
Here's a picture of my darling's foot in slime.

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