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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have been thinking about this post all week. You see because of things that are beyond my control, my daughter did not start school on Monday like so many other children in Fullerton did.  Since I became a SAHM I did not go back to school as a teacher for the first time in 9 years (Only the second time in over 20 years!). The only other time that I did not go back to teach in the Fall was the year that Princess was born. I was still on maternity leave until November of that year.
I am by nature a very positive and upbeat person. Sometimes this can be a detriment. This time, however, I must face reality and realize that this stinks. My daughter and I did not get to experience all of the first day of school joys with the rest of her school mates. Oh I know that we can make our own special memories when she is able to start school. We will take pictures. I will pack a special lunch. She will pick out a cool outfit to wear. Heck we may even celebrate the first day back with a special treat when she returns from her first day.  For now I will try to forget all that she missed out on.
So what do I do when I need a kid fix? Well I borrow another kid for the day. My favorite kid to borrow is my BFF's daughter. She is Princess J. She is such a cool kid. On Monday I picked her up from day care and surprised her by taking her to the mall and spoiling her rotten. Those were the words of her grown up big sister. The whole time we were out there was no drama, very little whining and a whole lotta gratitude. She and I were able to talk about her day, her new teacher and her friends.
I know this may sound crazy but it is so nice to be able to take a child out and not have to worry about melt downs, wandering off or aggression. Don't get me wrong. I love Princess and we have done some pretty cool things together but I can pretty much count on her having problems wherever we go and whatever we do so those times out are becoming less and less.
Tomorrow Princess will start school. You can be sure that I will try to make as special as possible but I have to downplay of it otherwise those darn purple spots will return. You see too much excitement and stimulus aggravate them.
By the way if you were wondering what those purple spots were, they are aggression fueled by a chemical imbalance. Hopefully we are closer to getting all of this under control.

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