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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Knight in Shining Armor Rides a Bicycle Some Days

We still have our rough days but thankfully they are not nearly as bad as they were last year at this time.  I've also got a knight in shining armor err flip flops who rescues his damsels when they are in distress.
It went down something like this. Princess' BFF was going to come over for a playdate but before she did, she called me to see if it was OK for her to bring her new bike so that she could show it to Princess. Then they could ride bikes together at our local neighborhood park. I of course agreed to it because I thought it'd be fun and besides Princess is still a little shaky on her bike and could use the practice.
When the BFF arrived, I sat the girls down and told them the game plan for the day. Then I let them play rock, paper, scissors to decide what they were going to do first. Jewel, the BFF, of course wanted to go bike riding but Princess had been wanting to go in the pool all day. I could have given Princess what she wanted in the first place and probably saved myself a lot of headache, but I want her to know the world does not revolve around her. You already know who won the game of chance,  Jewel. So that meant that Princess had to put on some clothes over her swim suit and put on her tennies. Silly me thought I'd just use the bathroom while Princess was getting ready. Wrong! In three minutes time,  Jewel had gotten bored and gone into the garage to check on her bike. Princess left her room to check on  Jewel. They ended up getting in a little tiff because Princess told  Jewel she shouldn't be in the garage unless I was there. Jewel told Princess that she should be getting dressed. I quickly finished my business with lightening speed and came out to see what the ruckus was. I sent Princess to her room and Jewel to the Family Room so that I could talk to each girl privately. Princess told her version of the story while she looked for her missing shoe which was under the dog's bed. Then I went in to talk with Jewel. She told me that Princess had threatened to be aggressive with her. Grr! Old habits are hard to break. I was just about to take Jewel home since obviously this playdate was a bust when Princess asked for another chance. For her part she did finish getting ready pretty quickly and she did apologize.
So we left to go to the park for just a little bit as the sun already starting to get low in the horizon. The girls did well at the park even though Princess got frustrated with her bike after only a short while.
While we were there, the ice cream truck came by so the girls wanted a treat but I had not brought any money with me. Then just as we were leaving the park who should arrive on his bike wearing flip flops, no helmet but with money in his pocket but my husband. He'd heard the ice cream truck and came like a knight in shining armor on his noble steed to save the damsels in distress. Of course by this time the truck of deliciousness had left. Being the valiant knight that he is, he took off into the sunset looking for the truck while the girls and I made our way back to the castle. Patience won the day and the girls got their ice cream but Princess was not happy because I would not let her get the one she wanted. She had gotten it a few times before and it had just gone to waste. She chose another equally delicious treat but she was upset that she didn't get her first choice. She stomped off into the house and into her room. She was in tears, wretched ugly tears. I told her that since she was so upset, it was best that I took her friend home. She amazingly pulled it together so that we could all go swimming.
Right before we were going to go swimming, I was trying to figure out how I was going to make dinner since I could not watch the girls swim while I cooked. Usually my husband BBQ's something on these days but he was working on a project for a class he is taking. I didn't have to worry long because my knight once again came to the rescue. He said he'd go pick up a pizza while we swam.
Swimming went remarkably well. Pizza went even better. Princess got out a lot sooner that Jewel and I so she went in to watch TV while she ate her dinner.
After I got out, I helped the girls to keep moving along in changing out of suits, hanging up towels- you get the picture. Princess had just about fallen asleep in front of the TV before she changed into her night gown so it really should have come as no surprise when my knight appeared with my daughter's wet swim suit declaring that he'd been asked to rinse it out right before our little one crashed on her bed. I guess she knows about his knightly prowess as well.
These are the days when I am so glad that I am not doing this parenting gig alone since my husband stayed home with Princess while I took the BFF home.
Yes we had our bumps Saturday but Princess rebounded rather quickly so I didn't have to end the playdate early. For that I am grateful. I am also thankful for my knight who rescued his damsels not once but three times no make that four.

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