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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kharma's Name is Not Cancer

There's a popular saying that goes "If you are mean to others, Kharma will come back and bite you in the tush."  I was also raised with the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." While those are nice sentiments, I don't believe that's how God works.
Tonight I found out that a nemesis of mine received a cancer diagnosis. Am I supposed to be happy that this happened to her? Should I  subscribe to the notion that "Kharma" got her? Not even one bit.
If I have those thoughts or feelings, then I am no better than she is. Hatred of others is contrary to what I believe.
If "Kharma" were true, then why do innocent people die of cancer? Why does this vicious disease prey upon people I care about?  Both a very good friend of mine and my cousin lost their spouses to this wretched monster. I have a friend who just found out that her cancer is back. Last week I attended a memorial for a dear neighbor of mine. He was 72! From the time of his diagnosis until the time of his passing only six weeks lapsed. Not one person had anything bad to say about this man. He always showed my family love and acceptance. When I told his wife  and him about Princess' challenges, neither one of them shirked away or passed judgment on my husband or I.
On the other hand my nemesis, made my life miserable for only a few short years but it felt like a lifetime. I did not seek out a witch doctor to curse her with cancer. When we parted ways, I left quietly. I truly tried to move on and heal from the pain she caused me.
Now that I know that my nemesis has cancer, I truly feel sadness for her. If I feel that she got her just dessert for the way that she treated me and others, then I am no better than her. I feel that the best way that I can honor God is to show her compassion even though she doesn't deserve it. Even though the easy thing to do is to give "Kharma" a fist pump.
I'm trying to be Jesus with skin on to those I come in contact with in my littler corner of the world. If I show love to those who are least deserving of it, I am honoring God.
Would you kindly join me in praying for this woman who may never have experienced much love and compassion from others? I may just muster up the courage to show her the kind of compassion that Jesus has shown me. Pray for me as well. Thanks.

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