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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'll See Your College Bound and Raise You a Van Bound

So often, I think that my daughter is heading down the same path as her peers and then I wake up from my fairy tale dream when I talk to other parents. Most recently I went to breakfast with my best friend. She is one of the most supportive people I know, but our girls are taking very different paths. Her daughter is headed for college. Mine is headed to the great chasm of the unknown. Her daughter is successfully participating in Cello lessons, Water Polo and is a budding chef. I'm just happy when my daughter leaves play rehearsals with a smile on her face. She's hoping that her daughter will get a scholarship to a university of her choice. I'm hoping that my daughter finishes the  current school year on a good note.
I listen, encourage and give advice when my dear friend asks but I have no experience to draw on except my own as a student. I have chosen to live in the moment. It's easier for our family that way. Some might find it odd that I truly do not even know what the end of summer will look like for Princess. Princess has been stable for over a year but because of her day to day challenges, we focus on helping her overcome whatever difficulties today has brought. Tomorrow or even next month may bring instability which could mean more hospital stays.
I've had people tell me that I should dream again for my child. That I am limiting her. I've heard that I am giving up hope.
I'd like to think of the way that we are approaching my daughter's future as freeing. I'm freed from the burden of worrying about the what ifs. I'm protecting my heart from disappointments.Our family is on a boat in a vast ocean. We'll have the calm times where we can take a few breaths of fresh air. We'll also have some tremendous storms where we'll have to hold on tight.
Honestly this week I'm happy because a school van transportation issue seems to be resolved. My daughter also completed two pages of homework without complaining. This morning she was ready for school on time. These are the things we celebrate at our house.
I do want to be supportive to my friend, but it is tricky because our girls are starting to lead very different lives. I'll do the best that I can because that's what friends do.
My daughter may never be college bound, but she'll be ready for the school van tomorrow morning. I hope....

My girl and her best friend a few years back.


  1. No matter our path, what we do with our lives is more important than how we get there.

  2. My eldest daughter graduated from high school last year. What I am finding is all that work, preparation, AP classes, class rank...everything balances out. She had a friend that busted her butt to be top in her class so she could get into a great college. She did, she was accepted at Georgetown. But ended up at a state school because of money. We should all strive to let good people loose in the world :)

    1. Amen! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I think we all worry about our children's futures. I know I lay awake thinking of my own. Whatever is the path your daughter will take she will prosper and grow with your love, support, and dedication. 😊

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words.