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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hold on! It's a Wild Ride!

In 2012, my husband and I thought we had things figured out. That's when our world came crashing down. Our daughter was hospitalized for six weeks almost 100 miles away. We decided that it was best for her if I resigned from my teaching job to care for her unique challenges. At the same time my husband was changing careers. It became clear that he was to go in another direction. He had always wanted to be a classroom teacher, but was not ready to teach up to that point. He started to substitute teach and coach. He taught PE and coached for a year at a small private school, but unfortunately they were unable to pay him enough for our family to live on. At this time he decided to pursue his teaching credential so that he could teach in the public schools. This summer the university he took classes through deemed him qualified to become an intern. This seemed like a perfect fit for our family. Unfortunately, he was unable to secure a teaching position. Since this was the case he started student teaching today at a local junior high. It just so happens to be at the junior high he subbed at on Thursday of last week. The chances of him being placed there are pretty amazing since he could have been placed at any number of schools in our county. Our school district even has three junior high schools. It turns out that some of his students are those that he has known since he was a substitute teacher for their kindergarten teacher. I don't think he was placed there on accident.
It's funny because even though I have been a homemaker for almost three years, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this new job. My husband is also learning a new trade. This is certainly not the path we thought we'd be on. We're both embracing our new found challenges with gusto and determination.