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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Solving the Mystery of the Missing Cookie or Outsmarting My Child

Recently my husband started a new job that takes him away from our home for most of my daughter's waking hours. He's out the door before the rooster crows and back home long after the sun has set. Understandably this change has been extremely hard on our daughter. After an extra hard day, I decided to make some Valentine chocolate chip cookies for my girl. You know the ones that you break apart and pop in the oven. The beauty of these nuggets of goodness is that I can bake only a few a time. That way I have a little control over how many my sweet toothed daughter eats at once. She's a sneaky little one. She'd eat a dozen in a sitting if I'm not careful. So on this particular day I baked two rows of four. By my calculations that is eight. Or so I thought. 
After the cookies finished, I pulled them out of the oven to cool. I told my daughter she could have four cookies, but no more. I thought it would be a nice treat for her to have the remaining cookies in her lunch pail for school the next day. 
I left to go do something else in the house. When I returned, there were only three cookies left. At first, my daughter tried to convince me that there were really only seven cookies to start with. Somehow I must not have counted right. I thought back over my steps and was sure there had been eight. I explained to her how I knew there must have been eight to start with. Since that tactic didn't work, she told me that our clever dog must have tipped over the cookie sheet and eaten just one. I informed my clever child that if the dog had done this, she would not have eaten just one cookie. I also would have heard her get into the cookies since she is not stealth when stealing people food. My daughter and I began to argue about the missing cookie a bit. I finally told her that I would just not be baking anymore cookies anytime soon since we could not solve this mystery. Finally her guilty conscience helped her a bit. She suggested that perhaps she may have "estimated" incorrectly when she took her share of the cookies. 
Lesson learned: Next time I'll only bake the exact amount I'd like my child to eat or pay closer attention to them. 
Some may say she only ate one extra cookie. To me it is the principal of the matter and eating only what you are allowed to eat. We're obviously working on being honest too. We've still got a long way to go on that one.

These were the remaining two cookies left the next morning. 
I'm not sure who ate one more. I just know it wasn't me.