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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Reponse to Your Rant

I read a bog post the other day that really got me unnerved. It was about how moms of Special Needs kids are always bragging about our kids' achievements. It said that we don't take the time to listen to moms of NT (Neurotypical ie. normal) when they share or celebrate or "brag" about their kiddos' accomplishments. The blogger felt that the moms/ parents of Special Needs children get tunnel vision. When I was done reading it, I felt like I has just had a tongue lashing.
I'll admit, I am guilty as charged. I do have tunnel vision where my child is concerned. I am even guilty of celebrating every single little milestone. I'm sure my friends get tired of it. Fortunately for me. They don't tell me. They let me bask in the glory.
I may never stop marveling at my child's achievements. I may find it difficult to celebrate that Johnny scored the winning goal in soccer. Please bear with me.
Do you know why I celebrate every time Princess does something new? It is because I know what we went through to get here. I know that my daughter had a melt down every time we even mentioned the word "shower". I know there was a time that pencils and chairs would fly through the air during homework. I remember when play dates ended in tears. There were many times that I had to call a parent to pick up their child early from a play date because my child was having a rough day.
So you see the fact that my child is blossoming is a huge deal for me. I do savor every minute that my child has success. It is akin to a baby taking their first steps or saying their first words because we have never experienced these things before.
There's even more reason for me to celebrate than most parents of Special Needs kids. It is this, because my daughter has a mood disorder and has not yet entered puberty we have no idea how long this period of stability will last. You better believe I am going to relish every single milestone my child reaches.
You see for NT kids the obstacles that my child has had to overcome are just that normal.
If you'll humor me and celebrate my child with me, I promise I will try to celebrate your child with you. Please be patient with me though. Parenting a Special Needs child can be all consuming. Let's all try to understand each others perspective more.
I'd like to know your thoughts on this.
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