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Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Had to be Her Decision

As I write this Taffy the Wonder Dog (Not her real name), is directly underfoot. She likes to hang out  wherever we are but it must be her choice, her decision. She made that very clear to us but one family member in particular had a tough time understanding this. You've probably already guessed that that someone is Princess.
From the minute we brought TWD home after we adopted her, she started showing her allegiance to certain family members. At first it was my husband who always gives her treats and likes to throw the ball around with her. I'd never had the privilege of owning an indoor dog so I was a little slower to catch on to what TWD needs and wants. After awhile, I learned that she likes to hear me use a baby voice with her. She likes to sit next to me when I am sitting on the couch. But most of all she likes to sleep in our bed. She's been known to find a warm spot to lie on when we get up too.
For the longest time Princess wanted TWD to love her as much as she loved TWD. It was painful to watch really.
We had this nighttime ritual that TWD tolerated but she learned quickly how to keep everyone happy. When it was time to tuck Princess in, the hubs would go get TWD and bring her into Princess' room. After Prayers, Princess wanted us to shut the door so that TWD would stay with her. After many months, TWD realized that it was much easier of she just hung out in my daughter's room while she got ready for bed. Then as soon as she knew Princess was asleep, she'd scratch to be let out. One day the hubs and I told Princess that the door needed to be open whenever TWD was in her room so that she could be free to come and go as she pleased. Another thing that happened, was that Princess let the dog sleep on her bedroom floor instead of making her sleep in the bed with her. She learned too that when she was reading her books, TWD would stick around longer if she read aloud to her.
The past two nights I witnessed a miracle. Friday night TWD stayed in Princess room until midnight when she took her spot in her bed on our bed. Then last night she stayed with Princess the entire night!!
This morning it was so cute! As Princess was watching the remainder of a Barbie movie, TWD was right next to her on the couch that is a rare sight. Princess used a loving tone with her when TWD went out to play her Tom and Jerry game with the neighborhood squirrel.
Little by little we showed Princess what TWD needed and responded to. Like we do with TWD we used a loving voice to guide her.
Here's hoping to more victories as this relationship progresses but for now Princess is learning that it must be TWD's decision.

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