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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Artful Doddger Would Be Proud

In the movie, "Oliver", The Artful Dodger shows young Oliver Twist how to earn his keep. One of my favorite songs from the movie has the line, "You've got to pick a pocket or two." I'm happy to report that Princess won't need these lessons. She's already picked her first pocket err... purse- Mine. All for the sake of gum.
I'll admit her love of gum is my fault. At the age of three I introduced her to the fine art of gum chewing. She has never looked back. She adores her gum just as much as I do if not more. I often buy her her own gum to keep in her purse or in the car near her. If we're out and about, I'll gladly share a stick with her. All she has to do is ask but I guess she forgot that.
Let me back up a bit. On Saturday I took Princess to one of the California missions nearby. Although her school is great at teaching her replacement behaviors they're not so great at teaching subjects like Social Studies. So in an effort to fill the gaps, I've been taking her to museums and exhibits lately. We were going to take the train there but ended up driving down instead. We had a lovely time at the mission. Princess was even brave enough to pan for gold and make an adobe brick both of which she would not have done a year ago. Putting her hands in muddy water and then getting mud all over her fingers was too much for her SPD issues.

 Princess is taught the fine art of panning for gold by a staff member

Later in the day my husband took the train down and met us at the mission. Then we all drove home together.  We really had an enjoyable time.
Sunday morning on the way to church, I looked in my purse to get a stick of gum. Lo and behold I couldn't find any. I figured since I was toting a purse that I don't usually use, I'd just forgotten to transfer the gum over. After church, my husband and I picked up Princess from her Sunday School class. Her sweet aide writes her an encouraging note each week. As I was putting the note away in Princess' purse, I noticed this pack of gum.

 This gum is really quite delicious.

My little darling had helped herself to the whole pack of my gum. The thing is I don't even know when she swiped it from me.
On the way home I asked her about it without getting too confrontational. She admitted to taking it from my purse "Because I wanted it." I explained to her that we don't take things that don't belong to us because that is considered stealing. Some might be tempted by shiny object. My child was tempted by gum.
I think I may have to put a lock on my purse now since I have a sly one living at my house. I can't wait for the teenage years. I bet they're going to be so much fun. (Sarcasm intended)
Do you know where your gum is?


  1. Not in my purse! My youngest finds it, too! He's also swiped cough drops and trail mix.

    1. They are clever aren't they? Thanks for sharing.