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Monday, November 23, 2015

My Daughter the Spider Slayer

We're celebrating again!

I was getting the cobwebs out of my head this morning when Princess tip toes into my room to ask me to help her be brave because she needs to kill a "Poisonous Daddy Long Legs." As I'm wondering why one of the servants or even my knight is not helping out with this lovely project and rubbing the remnants of the sandman's visit out of my eyes, I come to my senses, put my game face on and gear up for the battle of the decade. 
Princess asked me what weapon she should choose. I considered all of the options and suggested the best one of all of them, a fly swatter. Yep it has more reach than the shoe.
Princess was very brave, faced her fears and hit the spider but not enough to kill it. As he tried to climb higher I grabbed our weapon and gave him a good smack which sent him toppling to the ground. He was persistent and tried to scurry away but I swatted him one last time. 
Then I had Princess grab some tissues and flush him away to far far away places.
High fives were given all around.
Some of you may be wondering what the fuss was all about but others of you know what we have been through with all things creepy and crawly because you yourself have been there or you have a child who has a fear of insects. There was a time when the mere mention of the word spider would send chills up my daughter's spine. There was a time when she would cower in fear or run away at the sight of them. She's come a long way though. Just recently we were reading about the ten deadliest spiders in the world. Then today Princess requested my back up. I did right by her and supported her every step of the way.

I'm curious. What battles have you or your child fought or overcome recently? Big or small I want to celebrate them all of them with you.

*Note: This post first appeared on my Facebook page on October 25, 2014. I decided to repost it again.


  1. M. Monkey used to scream like a girl, but recently he screamed because a spider was in the shower and he was afraid that it would get hurt. He wanted to make sure it was safe so this Wicked Witch took it outside in a tissue. (What? You thought I was from Kansas? Ah-hahahaha! You've never heard me curse! Lol! )