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Monday, February 8, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 10- The Case of the Missing Purse

So on Friday morning I was getting my things together before I woke up Princess. I could not find my purse anywhere. When I woke Princess up, I let her know what was happening and told her that I was going to the car to see if I accidentally left my purse there. So I put my bathrobe on and braved the cold morning air to search for my purse. Once I returned to the comfort of my warm home I let my little darling know that I my search was fruitless so that meant we would not be getting breakfast on the way to school. (There's this bakery called Panera on the way to Princess's school. Princess really likes their Chocolate Chip Muffies, muffin tops.) Upon hearing this new information (and perhaps coming to her senses) Princess says "Mommy I'll help you look for your purse. You look in the Family Room and I'll look in the Living Room." Seconds later she "finds" my purse behind the rocking chair. I was of course relieved but very angry. I honestly couldn't believe that she let me go to out to the car and only told me where the purse was after I returned. Well thankfully for her only consequence was that she did not get to get her nice breakfast. I was only a few minutes late to work after this latest escapade. So I will be keeping a closer eye on my belongings.

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