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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Episode 6- Bedtime Prayers

First Published October 2009

So my daughter has a mean streak in her. I knew it was important for her to learn about the Lord's saving grace at an early age because I know she needs all the help she can get from God.
Case in point: Tonight a prayer time she was feeling particularly feisty because we had had a busy weekend. So after I prayed, it was her turn. Her words (and I swear I do not make these things up) "Dear Jesus, Thanks for all of the bad things you made like snakes and sharks. I pray that my mommy has bad dreams tonight." Yes I disciplined her and made her apologize. I even made her pray that I would forgive her. Then I kissed her good night, turned off the light and went into our family room and quietly busted a gut.

I am praying that God gives her a love for people and not a spirit of getting even when she is angry. Gotta love her creativity.

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