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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 2

Bath time with Princess:
(First Published May 2009)

First of all the water temperature has to be just right. Then there has to be lots of bubbles. Finally there must be at least 6 Barbies and one watering can to play with. Then of course the challenge is getting Princess to keep all of the water in the tub.

So here are 3 bath time vignettes:

1) Recently Princess thought that it would be fun to take a big gulp of bath  water and spit it all in my face. Fun for her until she found herself immediately out of the water. One thing that was kind of funny is that right when Princess took that big gulp of water, I thought to myself "I wonder at what age kids realize that it is pretty gross to drink bath water." When she spit water at me I thought, "Wow! Can she read my mind?"

2) Princess is at the age where she doesn't take too many naps anymore. After swimming in our 60 degree pool, Shivering Princess got out of our pool to take a bath and warm up.
So I usually sit on my bed while Princess takes a bath since the bath tub is in the master bathroom. On this particular day I was reading my book while Princess was bathing. After 2-3 minutes, it got really quiet in the bath tub so I went in to investigate. Princess had fallen asleep face up in the bath tub. I quickly woke her up, had her get out of the bath and got her dried off. Yes lots of people told me that was a dangerous thing. I did not plan on Princess falling asleep in the tub, it just happened.

3) Princess was washing one of her Barbies' hair with her shampoo. I told her to only use the shampoo for herself. Seconds later right before my very eyes Princess put more shampoo onto the same Barbie's hair. So I said, like any mom would, "What did I just say?" To which she replied "Oh well, it's too late now." Suffice it to say that bathtime ended real quickly.

I have figured out that God gave me a headstrong child so that I can be a better teacher. When my students test, me I pause, pray and take a deep breath before acting. So I try the same method with Princess. I look at discipline as a way of showing children that I love them. I want them to know that some day I hope that they will become productive members of society. I pray that Princess will desire to serve God with all of her heart, mind and soul.

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