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Monday, February 1, 2010

Princess Stories- Episode 1: Introducing Princess

First Published in May 2009
I love my daughter fiercely but because of her strong and outgoing personality I always have funny/ interesting stories to tell. My students are always asking me to tell them another "Princess story." So here goes:

First off let me tell you what a day in public with Princess is like. If we see any babies, she has to ask the baby's mommy ( or daddy or grandmother) what the baby's name is, how old they are and if she can touch their head. (Her mommy, me, has determined this is the one place where the least amount of germs will be transferred either from my child to said baby or from baby to my daughter.) Once and only once, Princess asked me "Can we buy one of those? " Princess also adores dogs. She asks dog owners the same questions as she ask baby owners but she usually gets licked. She always says "That's a cute name" or " He's/ She's so adorable." Then there is my daughter's obsession with all things fashionable. She will stop a lady to tell her that she likes their earrings, shoes, purse, blouse, dress etc. If it has bling, she loves it. Then the recipient of Princess' compliment will say thank you and nine times out of ten they will return the favor. So whenever I am out with my cherub in public, I always have to take into account "The Princess Factor." It will take us at bare minimum 15-20 minutes longer to get some place than if I am alone or with my husband. The upside of this is that we have met some really nice people. I just can't be in a hurry to get to my destination.

So here is a recent Princess story:
As you may know I recently took Princess to a Girls' mini vacation, just her and I. We spent the night at a hotel and then spent the day at the Grove in LA. We went to the American Girls Place. We also saw the new "Hannah Montana" movie. That said I thought I packed all of the necessary items for our trip. Well I forgot one very important thing- a hairbrush. I know you are saying to yourself "What's the big deal?" Well I knew I'd be taking lot of photos of our adventure and wanted Princess to look nice. So after we checked out of our hotel and walked over to the Grove, I began "The Great Hairbrush Quest." As I've said previously Princess loves babies, dogs and pretty ladies with bling bling so this outing was no different than any other outing. If anything there were more babies, dogs and bling. After we had walked the entire length of the Grove and didn't find a single hairbrush, our last stop was a famous department store that is known for its customer service. As a last ditch effort I asked a couple of sales clerks, who were working in the almost desolate cosmetics department, if they sold any brushes. One clerk told me that they didn't but that I could go across the street to the local drugstore or to a salon near the entrance of the mall. To which I replied," Well I guess I will do without." To which I was given this RUDE response "Well then you don't want that brush bad enough!" I had to hold my tongue because I could tell she had never experienced an eager inquisitive child like I am blessed to have. It had taken me about 45 minutes to get to their store it would take me about 30 minutes to get to either of the places she was mentioning since I would have to retrace my steps because of the way the Grove is laid out and then I would have had to walk the distance of about 4 blocks to the drugstore. Needless to say their corporate office will be hearing from this dissatisified customer.

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