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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training- Episode 7- Peter Pan's Party

First Published November 2009

So last night while I am resting on the couch trying to forget about my lovely allergies Princess decides it's time to celebrate Peter Pan's birthday. Silly me leaves the family room and Princess for a minute (probably to get another tissue box :) ) Upon my return I notice that my daughter is trying to put a poster of Hannah Montanna up on our wall. As she climbs up on top of the loveseat's railing she says " I know you don't like this but I'll be done very quick." Lucky for me we both discovered it was a table cloth and not a poster. Next I got out the card table and we trimmed the plastic table cloth the fit the table. Then Princess says "I'll be right back." She returns with every paper plate, napkin, cup and plastic utensil in the house. She then proceeds to set places for about 30 of Peter's closest friends. Yes some of those places included T.V. trays, the coffee table and any other flat surface available. Then the doorbell starts to ring and we are greeted by Princess' guests for the party who of course bring gifts. So Princess finds a spot for all of the gifts. The last guest to arrive was Happy Halloween. Princess decides this is a surprise party and turns off all of the lights in the family room. As we are waiting for Peter I mention to Princess that she should put her Peter Pan costume on (the one from Halloween that was just a few days a go.) When Peter arrives, I turn on the lights and yell "Surprise!" About this time my husband our chef, brings us our dinner. Finally after dinner Peter opens all of his lovely gifts gushing over each one.

I thought this was very imaginative. Luckily for my husband and I only 3 "guests" rang our door bell.
BTW- We have never had a surprise party nor attended one with Princess so I'm not sure where she came up with the idea to turn off all of the lights.

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