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Monday, February 1, 2010

Kindergarten Chronicles- The Bully & The Bully?

First Published October 2009

(Note: I wrote this a few weeks ago. We have since moved Charlotte to another school where things are going much better.)

So my daughter is having some problems with another child in her class. This child teases her and taunts her. She is also being subjected to some physical abuse. I looked up bullying on the internet and yep we've got it goin' on here.

In contrast I have this student in my class who is supposed to be autistic. I've never had an autistic child before so I wasn't sure what to expect. So I meet said child at our Kindergarten Meet and Greet before school starts. I was pleasantly surprised because I saw no signs of autism. As the school year has progressed I continue to be amazed by this child. This student shows no behavior that is out of normal range. In fact this kid is one of my favorites if I can be so bold to admit that I have a few favorites. This child is friendly and outgoing. The other day I overheard some students asking each other "Will you be my friend?" This child pipes up and says "I think everyone in this class should be friends." Made my day.

So imagine my surprise when this sweetie's mom peeks her head in my room and says, " I got a call today from another mom. She said there's a bully in Kindergarten and it's your child." I almost fell out of my chair. I reassured her that that was not the case in fact the opposite was true. I also thanked her for coming to me with her concern and told her that this was like the old fashioned game of telephone. It was one of those this person told that person who in turn told her.

So there you have it the bully and the bully?.

On a different note (& I may have to take a picture so you can see the visual), we have been learning the letter "S". So I asked the kids to draw two things that start with the "S" sound. Most kids drew something like a sun and soap. One child drew an object that I took one look at and thought "Wow this kid knows a lot! Maybe too much! Maybe he has an older brother who's been teaching him a thing or two." But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked him what he drew. He replied "It's a snake Mrs. Luther." What did I think it was ??? A sperm. I swear it looked just like one of those pictures of a sperm under a microscope. I almost busted a gut trying to conceal my laughter.

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