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Monday, February 1, 2010

Kindergarten Chronicles- Episode 2

First Published September 2009

Goose Egg on Head & Charlotte's Response
Upon hearing the story about the boy who got a goose egg on his forehead the other day, Charlotte said "Maybe you could take my Kie Kie to school so that the boy could put it on his owie." This is incredible because Charlotte just found her beloved Kie Kie ( AKA blankie ) after it had been lost for about two months.

( On a side note Charlotte treats her Kie Kie as if it were real. It talks. She talks to it. Kie Kie is almost like another member of our family.When anyone is sad or hurt, Kie Kie will make them feel better. )

Question Boy
The other day I was teaching a small group of students, when Abraham walks up to me and says "Teacher, what are you doing?" I replied, "Teaching. What are you doing?" His response "Asking you questions?"

Comparing Brown Bear Brown Bear
This is not humorous just eye opening. Apparently Charlotte's class and the Kindergartners at my school have been doing some of the same extension activities but with just a few differences. In response to "Brown Bear Brown Bear" Charlotte colored one animal a day. She brought home her book the other day and she had nice coloring page for each animal with a typed sentence at the bottom of each page. Our Kindergartners have been asked to draw each animal and copy the sentence off of the board. I'm not sure which approach is more age appropriate but I know my students won't be taking their books home anytime soon.

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