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Monday, February 1, 2010

Princess Stories Episode 5- Flat Stanley (AKA Kiki) at School

So this morning as I am getting ready to leave, Charlotte and I gave each other hugs and kisses. She had me give a hug and a kiss to her beloved Kiki. Then she says to me "Mom, I want you to take Kiki to school today to show your students." To which I responded, " Are you sure? I won't be home until late this afternoon." Her response "It's O.K. Kiki wants to go with you today" So off Kiki and I went.

At this point in the story I must tell you a little about Kiki. When Charlotte was a baby, she wouldn't take a pacifier and did not suck her thumb but like most small children she was constantly putting everything in her mouth. A good friend of mine who had done childcare in her home suggested that I get some fleece material and cut it into small squares. Then I was to fringe the edges with my scissors. (Picture fringes on moccasins or boots) Well that did the trick. From the first day I gave Charlotte her new blankie, the two were inseparable. It even replaced her old moo cow that she had had since she was really little.

The name Kiki came about because when Charlotte was learning how to talk she could not say Blankie so she called it Kiki.

Like the Veleveteen Rabbit Charlotte treats her Kiki as if it were her best friend. She talks to it. It talks to her. It has gone to preschool, Sunday school, Disneyland, and on our trip on the airplane last summer. Charlotte has told her father and I that Kiki is a girl. If anyone gets hurt, Charlotte will rub Kiki on the owie to make it all better.

Recently Charlotte had misplaced Kiki. We looked everywhere for it but to no avail. Every night Charlotte prayed for her missing Kiki. This went on for about two months. Whenever Charlotte was sad or hurt, she would cry out for Kiki.

Then about two weeks ago. God answered Charlotte's prayer to find Kiki. Charlotte, my friends and I were going to go to Los Angeles. So I packed an old back pack of Charlotte's with coloring books and toys to keep her occupied. We hadn't driven very far when Charlotte decided to check out the contents of her bag. The first zipper she opened was to a small pocket on the front. Instantly we all heard squeals of delight. "My Kiki! My Kiki! I've found my lost Kiki!"

So Charlotte and her Kiki have been reunited once again. She has vowed never to lose "her" again.

So this morning when Charlotte told me that I could take Kiki to school, I felt like I was taking a little piece of Charlotte with me.

I kept Kiki in my pocket all day long. The only time I took "her" out was to show my students. Oh and I did show her to some of my colleagues as well.

I am one loved mommy.

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