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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories- Episode 3

First Published July 2009
On Sunday after church Princess wanted to play beauty salon with her dad. She put bows in his hair and gave him a pedicure. She even remembered to get him his flip flops and put paper towels between his toes so as not to ruin his pedicure. I think he got off easy because the only nail polish that Princess could find was very pale, almost translucent, white. After all of that hard work, Princess guest fell asleep in the "massage chair."
"Don't I look pretty?"

I took Princess to Fashion Island in New Port Beach. On the way there my sleepyhead daughter crashed in her booster seat. When we arrived, I let her sleep for an additional 30 minutes. I finally woke her and was greeted by a grumpy child having a melt down because she was cold. Finally she calmed down, suited up for arctic ocean breeze and decided she wanted to go shopping with me. Wiping away her crocodile tears, she informed me " I think a ride on the carousel will cheer me up." By the time we got to the carousel Princess' jacket was off and around her waist. As an added bonus she discovered she is now tall enough to ride the carousel by herself.

The other day we went to the beach with our friends from our adult fellowship at church. We were all basking in the sun and fun until our friends' little girl got stung on the lip by the only bee on the Pacific Coast. Princess heard the terrified screams of the child's mother and wanted to know what had happened. After my husband explained everything, Princess said "I want to pray for her."When she was finished praying, she didn't go back into the waves. She stayed and played with her friend quietly until she was feeling better. It brings tears to my eyes just writing about my compassionate daughter. I was so proud of her.

I will I could take credit for her compassion but much of it was modeled by her wonderful teachers at her Christian preschool. Whenever a child got hurt, they would stop to pray for the "owie" while tending to the child. I also feel it is the Lord working in my daughter to have the intuition to stay by her friend until they could both enjoy the ocean spray.

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