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Monday, February 1, 2010

Princess Stories- Episode 4

First Published August 2009

If you had a rough day, may these little snippits make you laugh and brighten your day. If you had a great day, may these vignettes cause you to marvel at God's wonderful creation of children.

Tonight when we were saying prayers, Princess said "God thank you for all of the scary things you made. Thank you for the pirates, sharks, boa constrictors and crocodiles. I hope that a boa constrictor kills me. " This was because she was upset about something. While she was "praying" this, it was all Adam and I could do to keep from laughing.

Said by Princess to Adam " You're not listening to me."' Followed by "Do you smell something? I went poops."

8/22/09 Princess got her Halloween costume a little early. She is Peter Pan. She told me that whenever she is dressed up as Peter Pan that she is really a boy.

"Daddy I love you even though I don't listen to you sometimes. I will never ever listen to the devil again."

Today it was my turn to get pampered by Princess. She did my hair, make up and painted one of my nails. When I asked her to paint the rest, she informed me that she was just practicing and that I should let the nail lady do the rest of my nails. I found it interesting that as Princess applied the polish she was careful to wipe away the excess just like the manicurists do. So when she is squirming around at the nail salon she is really paying attention.
Later on I noticed there was a sign tacked onto Princess' door. Apparently it is a picture of her dad, Grandma and I with an X over it. Princess told us that no one is allowed in her room ever. Makes it difficult to say prayers and give hugs and kisses doesn't it. By the way my knight told me that Princess glued the sign to the door. I asked her about this and was told that she used a glue stick. (Whew! A little easier to remove) So I told Princess that if she wants to put signs up, she can but that next time she should ask for tape.

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