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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kindergarten Chronicles: Prove It Mrs. L.

I have always tried to make learning fun for my students. I want them to love coming to school. My philosophy is that if kids enjoy school they will want to come ever day. They won't want to miss a day of excitement.
Never has this been more true than this year as I teach Kindergartners. I used this tactic last week as I was teaching numbers 10-20. I employed a simple game using large foam dice and little plastic animals. The students thought I was a magician because I could "guess" how many critters were left in the cup after the amount shown on the dice was removed. I taught them the phrase "Prove it Mrs. L.!" To which I of course was proven correct every time. I did teach them my little secret and had them try for themselves to see if they could "guess" accurately.
Fast forward to this week. I introduced the words for numbers 10-20. In the midst of our game, one little towheaded youngster says. "Mrs. L. do you know how to spell five?" My response was of course in the affirmative. To which he called out "Prove it Mrs. L." I almost busted a gut laughing. You see this week we had not used the phrase at all but somehow it had stuck with this little fellow.

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