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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Queen in Training Stories--Episode 9

My Little Dancer- New

When I titled my blog "Raising a Drama Queen", I thought that term best suited my situation perfectly. You see my daughter loves to create drama in our home both with her misbehavior ( See my previous posts.) and her creativity. I think she loves to see me squirm when she disobeys but she also likes to be a little performer. She likes to put on shows for my husband and I on a regular basis. She will put a CD in the boom box and act out the songs on it. Sometimes she comes up with her own moves. Other times she uses moves that she has either seen in a movie or in her dance class. I kid you not sometimes these shows can last upwards of 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours!! One time she set the coffee table in the living room complete with cups, plates and silverware. She then proceeded to put on a dinner show for her father and I.
Quite often these shows include multiple costume changes. For her Disney Classics CD she was Ariel one minute, Minnie Mouse the next and I believe even dressed up as Jesse from Toy Story.
I'm not sure where she saw it but she wants to learn how to do a cartwheel. I was never in gymnastics or cheer so I am no help but then again neither is my husband. He did go so far as to research on YouTube how to do a cartwheel. As a result Princess can now get in position to do a cartwheel but has not progressed in her form. So if you know of anyone who can teach my child how to do a cartwheel, please contact me.

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